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by JValent 28. April 2014 23:58


As everyone knows by now, Microsoft no longer supports Window XP. As a result of this, Furitus Ferret Records has made decision not to renew any of our operating systems or supportive software. This decision does not affect any of the music production systems, mixing, and mastering capabilities. However, it does affect our web site and how we conduct business on the internet. At a time in the near future, we will announce that the following services will not be supported


  • Service portal
  • Music gallery
  • Web mail
  • Blog
  • Forum


This decision is based on the fact that it is not economic friendly to support all services. Our goal is to provide services that get the most bang for the buck. Our web site will no longer host on window servers.

Stay tuned, the switch is coming. Furitus Ferret Records.


Studio Upgrades

by JValent 3. May 2012 16:46

Studio Upgrades


Our mixing and mastering studio now operates with 64-bit architecture. There is one exception and that exception is Pro-Tools.


The 64-bit architecture operating systems, software, and plug-ins aloud for much larger and complex mixes. This reflects more tracks, plug-ins, and quicker work flow.






Ferret Records

Power Interruption

by JValent 8. February 2012 19:38

Power Interruption


On January 27, 2012, a power surge occurred at our postproduction studio. The data retention systems and studio equipment were not affected. All music data, video data graphics data and servers are intact. Our operations were not effected.


On the others side, our kitchen appliances and my very expensive coffee maker did not survive.


Let’s give P.E.C.O. a round of applause.



Ferret Records

Ferret Records Services

by JValent 17. October 2011 18:50

Ferret Records Services






We offer recommendations regarding your music, distributions, publications, mixing, mastering, trademarks, and many more.


Music Gallery

Here you can add media content to promote your band or act. A demo album is set up to show how the music gallery works. Music, pictures, videos, bios, and any other type of content can be added to promote your band or act.


Web Server

Need your own web server? Great for putting you music out on the web without any limitations. Have your own web server at your own location.


Mixing and Mastering

Multi track mixing to a two-track master. Digital Performer, Logic Audio, and Pro Tools.

Mastering your stereo mix for the highest resolution and clarity. (Bias Peak)



For more information, contact us at ferretrecords@ferretrecords.com


Please note, we do not sign acts.



Ferret Records

Data Retention Backup Solutions at Ferret Records

by JValent 10. October 2011 18:42

One of the main concerns that musicians deal with is the data retention of recorded material. No one wants to lose a hard disk and forever lose that great song that you recorded.





Although we here at Ferret Records do not offer storage solutions for musicians, we do have an aggressive data retention policy when we mix and master for clients.


Be assure that your project will always be available to you when you need it.

At Ferret Records, our data backup begins with a dual array and an optical retention solution. Our backup uses a primary, a secondary and a final optical solution to assure recorded, mixed, and mastered data is retained.





Ferret Records

Coming soon to Ferret Records ~~ RADIO FERRET.

by JValent 13. January 2011 18:45

Coming soon to Ferret Records ~~ RADIO FERRET.





Ferret Records is launching a new service called RADIO FERRET. (Click on link for a sample.)

This service is a streaming service. By clicking on the correct link, listeners will be able to listen to streaming music, live broadcasts, and play lists.

Radio Ferret runs on our servers to stream live audio over the web. It can also stream pre-recorded audio. Listeners do not need any special software to listen to a webcast. Radio Ferret streams will play directly from your default web browser. Currently this service is free and there are no commercials. Over 20 audio formats can be streamed.


       Plays automatically in all popular browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

       Serve up to 8 separate live audio streams.

       Unlimited number of 'static' recordings can be served.

       Automatically down samples audio for lower bitrates for listeners on slow dial-up connections

       Static recordings can be loaded in over 20 audio formats.


If you want your music broadcasted on Radio Ferret, please contact us at ferretrecords@ferretrecords.com. Please put or make sure "Radio Ferret" in the subject of the email.



Ferret Records

Posting On The Ferret Records Music Gallery

by JValent 8. November 2010 19:36

Ferret Records Music Gallery.


I would like to begin and explain why I have chosen the Music Gallery as a method of submission of material. This method puts you in total control. You can add, refine, and remove anything you post. You can also make your album private.


Any music genre can be posted to the Ferret Records Music Gallery. Any format, sample rate, and bit depth is acceptable. (A high resolution MP3 is the best because this format takes advantage of the Silver Light Music Player). All posts can be down loaded to play on any media player.


Direct links to your post can be generated and placed on other web sites to lead visitors to your posts. 

While viewing your posts, the following icons are present.



The first icon is to view information about your post

The second icon is to download the post.

The third icon is to do multiple downloads in a zip file.

The forth icon is to generate a link direct to the post. 

Because the Ferret Records Music Gallery is specifically for music, videos, and band information, less clutter is achieved than what you would find on other sites.


You give up no rights when you post your material to the Ferret Records Music Gallery.

You are in full control.



Ferret Records


by Editor 6. October 2010 19:46




This group, Established in 2004, from San Luis Obispo, CA. is definitely devoted to making their dream come true. Group members Joey Atiya, Kori Harvey, Ralph Lee, and Will Ottone all in their early twenties have produced a well thought out demo. With Will on guitar, Joey on bass, Ralph on guitar and vocals, and Kori on drums produce a mind bending metal sound. The demo clearly shows their devotion to hard work and an intense desire to succeed.


You can listen to their demo by going to the following link and select the album ALTERCATION.




Check’em out.

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Music Bands & Acts

What Do We Do

by JValent 17. September 2010 01:09

What Do We Do?


What Do We Do


Here at Ferret Records we do a variety of services;

Post Mastering


E-mail (Ferret Records mail account yourname@ferretrecords.com)


CD duplication (small quantities 10 to 100)

Distribution through our web store

Music Gallery (showcase you music on our site)

Graphics art design

Web servers

Videos (we currently are not providing this service)


Services that we do not do include;

Signing acts


Recording studio time


Ferret Records

Ferret Records Music

by JValent 15. September 2010 06:23

Ferret Records Music

Technical aspects of the Ferret Records web site.


I would like to take some time and explain the technical aspects of the Ferret Records web site.

The Ferret Records web site runs on our servers. We, Ferret Records, own the servers. They are located in a secure location and are under surveillance 24/7. Fire Walls are also in place. This security is necessary due to contracts that Ferret Records has with various clients. The servers run Windows 2008 Web Server and are mirrored to Windows Vista operating system. (The Windows Vista is virtual operating systems) We also have several video servers. Incremental backups are performed every hour and full backups every day.


Ferret Records web domain is split into several sub-domains. The list below is accessible to the public. We do have some sub-domains that are not accessible to the public.


Ferret Mail (E-mail)                  ASP.Net application

Service portal                           ASP.Net application

Forum                                      PHP application

Wiki                                         ASP. Net application in C#

Blog                                         ASP.Net application in C#

Web Shop                                ASP.Net application in C#

Music Gallery                           ASP.Net application in C#

Mascots                                   TBD


Each of the sub-domains can be accessed through the main web site www.ferretrecords.com or by its own sub-domain name. The links below access the sub-domains direct.


http://Ferretmail.ferretrecords.com  for e-mail

http://Ferrettrack.ferretrecords.com  for Service Portal

http://Webshop.ferretrecords.com   for our store

http://Blog.ferretrecords.com/blogengine   for Blog page

http://Forum.ferretrecords.com/phpbb3 for Forum page

http://Gallery.ferretrecords.com/gallery  for Music Gallery

Http://Wiki.ferretrecords.com/wiki  for Wiki page



The application software is open-source. This means we can modify the software any way we want as long as the copyright logos are in places. (Exceptions- Ferret Mail and Service Portal cannot have modifications)


I am looking for a volunteer to be an editor for our blog.


Ferret Records